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The Chief's Final Scene is a subject that usually comes up on the anniversary of the airing of the BSG miniseries, pilot episode or finale.


You either know it's the scene of the Chief with Tigh and Ellen where he tells them he’s going to go live in Scotland. Or you think it's the Chief slumped down on the floor of the Galactica after strangling Tory.  If you believe it's the latter it's not your fault, it's just what streaming service you used to watch BSG.


If you watched BSG when it originally aired on the Sci-Fi channel or on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime (USA & UK), Stan (Australia) or Tubi (USA) then you know that this is the Chief's final scene ....

If you've only ever watched BSG using one of the following streaming platforms, the above scene is missing .... 

- Amazon Prime (Australia, Canada & Sweden)

- BBC iPlayer (UK)

- Binge (Australia)

- Comet (USA)

- Netflix

- Peacock (USA)

- SyFy website/app (USA)


... and this is what you would have believed was the Chief's final scene .....

There is an 'extended version' of this scene on Blu-Ray. The scenes includes a flashback with Chief, Boomer and Cally .....

The scenes right before and after the Chief’s actual final scene (as it aired on television) are ….

- Adama flying his Husker Viper

- Anders/hybrid rambling in the tub in the CIC

- Galactica and fleet flying towards the sun

- Chief, Tigh and Ellen walking together on “earth”. He tells them he’s going to Scotland

- Chief walks off, Ellen and Tigh embrace, flashback of them at a strip club

- Adama and Roslin on “earth”. Roslin looking through binoculars at gazelles

On those previously mentioned streaming platforms, the scenes highlighted above in red are missing.


So this how you would have seen the above scenes on those streaming platforms with the Chief's final scene missing .....

And here is those scenes with the Chief's final scene included ..... 

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